this is my three boys in our old 50’s bathroom, enjoying one of their favourite pastimes together… left to right > 3 year old Galvin > 9 month old Judah > 5 year old Drummond.

“i got polaroids baby!” {the above title is supposed to be shouted in a George Costanza fashion.} as some astute readers and friends might know by now, i have started a few “picture a day” blogs, and one of them is a POLAROID a day or so blog.why?because i LOVE me some polaroids real good.and also because i have […]

the big canvas print – part one we {djp photography} are taking part in a big parenting expo next month {more about that soon}. and i want to get a BIG print on canvas – stretched over a frame for our stand at the expo. black and i decided to do something i can hang in […]

a visit from the schmidtys yesterday {wednesday} we had a great lunchtime visit from sammy and allan schmidt with their youngest boy jordan. sam and allan are old friends from down in geelong. in april they are heading to Thailand to start an orphanage/ out reach for kids- read about it here. love this wonderful, spiritual, […]