Hello Again WordPress.

and i’m back.

i have had this blog here on wordpress dot com forever and i have always just used it as a dumping / test / lab. for example if there is a IFTTT or another service that lets me push stuff to a wordpress blog automatically, cool, i will just plug it in here and NEVER check anything! seriously.

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coming back to blogging…

I started keeping a personal blog seriously in late 2004. It was on a self hosted wordpress blog on my first domain djp72.net (/blog). I kept it going pretty well for a few years and then 2007 Twitter came along. I installed a Twitter feed thingy into my worpress blog and that fed the blog for a year or so, looking back I think that Twitter feeding in was a mistake, it sort of turned into a collection of telegrams. For the last couple of years there has been very little blogging going on by me as I explored every corner of the social networking universe. I also spread myself over too many websites and too many domains.
But now. I am coming back, simplifying, focusing. I have decided that I am getting rid of a lot of my domains and have my main “home” on the net as this blog and my blog will be on tumblr. I am looking forward to it…

commercial free.

i’ve decided to keep all of my websites, blogs, online stuff add free. i had a revelation that i hated website ads with a passion and i have super respect for people and groups who have no advertising on their sites… so why was i wasting time researching about ads on my websites? i dunno. temporary lapse into douchebag-ery? maybe… caught up in the hype of “professional web douchebags”? more like it….

two quick observations in my weeks of researching the whole idea of websites and advertising:
i love creative types who have websites that have no advertising and yet plug their own quality product in subtle and creative ways…
the web is full of douchebag hacks who don’t care.

i am determined for the “me online” to be honest, true, good, caring, encouraging, sharp, & opinionated… basically the opposite of most of the crap that is peddled online.

hmmmm… can i say the word “crap” and still be all those good things? i hope so.

podcasting is broken {for now}

thanks to the few people who’ve taken the time to download the latest podcast episode… today i’ve been trying to work out why the feed is broken and why the podcast player is busted on the blog. like many other bloggers i love the amazing wordpress blogging platform and like many really clever types i use the amazing wordpress podcasting plug in “PodPress” created by the Mighty Seek. it has been a truly amazing part of my blogging experience. {note: i can never see/read “the mighty seek” without thinking of these awesome guys.}

podpress vs wordpress 2.6

so after spending a couple of hours going through the admin area of podpress and my blog, looking through itunes, trying to figure out wht the problem is… i finally had the brain wave to check the mighty seek forums and sure enough i found out i wasn’t the only nuff nuff. the podress plug in is broken under the awesomeness of some of the amazing features in wordpres 2.6… but Dan Kuykendall, the very clever fellow behind podpress has said he will try to get an update of podpress out before the end of the month.

so i got a question for you: a few of the podpress users are urging all podpress users to donate more money to Dan for the project {it is an amazing free, donate if ya wanna, style plug in}. am i totally wrong to instead of donating now, to pledge the money so it’s an incentive for him to get the upgrade out? i know if it was me doing it and i knew there was some cash coming in when i finished it, i’d go harder… just me? tight wad?

so in the meantime download the all new DJ PAINE SHOW episode 00 right here.

the blog redesign – at last!

well, it’s taken way too long… but the blog is back and all new!

now you can glance down to the blog’s footer for this information but i just have to say a MASSIVE thank you to:

the amazing and generous Pat Loughery for helping with the overhaul. Pat’s insightful and rewarding blog is at www.patloughery.com and you can follow him on twitter: twitter.com/patl

the inspiring and creative Todd Hiestand for creating a great wordpress theme and then giving it away for free. Todd’s blog is  at www.toddhiestand.com and his twitter: twitter.com/toddhiestand

the entire wordpress universe. what an amazing, enabling platform & resource!

YOU! thanks for being patient while this blog became a catalogue of all my twitter tweets! That “feature” is now turned off. so be don’t be afraid to subscribe to the blog, because there is some actual writing coming soon, not to mention the podcast is going to roll out, newly overhauled as well. some great interviews coming on the dj paine show so stick around.

my sidebar badges/widgets part two: Vimeo

around about october 2005 my great friend and business spaing partner Jolane was up here on the Gold Coast and while we were working on some stuff. i cried out “there must be a flickr for video!” and he casually mentioned something about some site he’d heard about called Vimeo.
vimeo is awesome.
here is what they are about from their About Page:
“Vimeo is for sharing video clips.”
it is not for everyone, but that’s the best part. it does have limited space per week of uploads {and that’s the worst part} but the killer part of it is that it stores your original files so you can down load them {or anyone else} anytime you want.
here is my vimeo page.
if you don’t have a vimeo account – it’s free – sign up here.
and then you can make a badge for your site here!

note- a year ago i did a review of a bunch of the “flickr of video” sites.

my sidebar badges/widgets the last word.

i collect those widgets and badges like a geek i know.

for a while i was using a really nice service called Widget Box.
the idea is simple- it’s online directory of widgets for blogs and myspace etc…
you sign up – it creats a code and a user interface where you can “easily” drag and drop any widgets you want… it’s well designed, got a nice ajaxy style sassy design.
the guys who run it are on the ball too,
but i started wanting more control… plus it crashed my browser a couple of times.
i might start using them again soon depends…

anyway, there ya go, my 8 widget/badges/bling for my blog..

i just had the idea that i should put them all on my underused and much hated myspace page.. hmmm…

anyway, let’s see what happens to them all this yea

my sidebar badges/widgets part eight: my chingo / moba talk

this last widget thingy is one of my favourites.
from “My Chingo
which is part of a company called Moba Talk– and i think the name will probably change soon too…
this is what My Chingo says about it’s self on it’s home page:
“”Chingo” refers to “Chat Lingo”
Audio Comments – Web-based Voicemail
So, how’s it work?
There are two ways which you can use it. As a public system, or keep it private.
As a public system: When you receive a new audio message with optional text comments, it gets added to your player and it is also distributed within an RSS Feed for all to hear and read! Nothing to install.
As a private system: When you receive a new audio message with optional text comments, it is added to your member account for you to review, download, or mark as public. “

does that make any sense?
it’s really cool when people get into it… but alas, i have no one reading this so…

it isn’t the most attractively designed widget, and it isn’t really customizable, but it works well.

sign up here:
get your widget – my chingo player – here.

my sidebar badges/widgets part six: RapLeaf

heard about rapleaf on michael arrington’s techcrunch blog.
here is what they are about from their homepage:
What’s Rapleaf?
Rapleaf is a portable ratings system for commerce. You can look people up before you buy or sell, and rate them afterwards.
Rate people and they will be encouraged to rate you back. Before long, your Rapleaf profile will reveal you for the honest person that you are. After all, it is more profitable to be ethical.

it was something i did on a whim, and i accidently sent out a rapleaf invite to EVERYONE in my address book! and i couldn’t believe it because i ended up with a massive amount of kind people saying nice things about me.
my favourite responce is from my good old mate katie avery {nee stamkos}:
“What is this???” by: kstamkos (1)

i think that the concept of rapleaf is brilliant, it’s just hard to get it accepted by a broad amount of people/popular sites…
my rapleaf page:
you can sign up here:
get your badge here: