The Sapphires around the world….

You know the great Aussie feel good flick “The Sapphires” about the four Aboriginal girls who sing for the soldiers over seas… based on an original true story from Australia? 

Here’s the poster in Australia:

And here is the poster in Europe:

the movie had this poster in the UK:

and…….. here is the poster as it was released for DVD in the good old North America:

Ahhhhh America…. you never cease to amaze the rest of the world with your out-and-out racism and stupidity…. 

*note one: Funny UK man Chris O’dowd has publicly said the American poster is “Vile” amongst other choice words. 

**note two: The U.S. distributer who knocked the new racist artwork up for the release has since apologised… of course.

Congrats Barack Obama {patriotism}

some people thought that because of my last post that i was “pro mccain” – again let me just state: i am incredibly NON political, and i’m australian! i strongly believe all politicians are liars and will say anything to please people. a USA election only holds fascination for me because i loved the west wing tv show!
on a spiritual level i do believe strongly that as a christian politics are something that i should be aware of/ educated about but not overly concerned with. i know Who really is in control.
so, as far as i go in such matters, i am happy for Barack Obama and the american people who voted for him. i was moved by the Big Picture’s coverage on him – some amazing pictures!
but i get very bewildered by super Patriotism. no matter if it’s here in Australia, over in the USA, in Germany, China, South Africa, wherever, that flag waving fervour just get’s me a little worried. i mean, i am proud to be an Australian, i love this country and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. but i get suspicious of people who have to australian flags all over them to feel as if they have some sort of “identity”… and americans are the kings of such super patriotism, but they mix it all in with some weird version of christianity and it’s just plan scary to me.

so… anyway… all the best to Barack, i hope he really digs into the true faith in this job. i hope he does well. i just hope he doesn’t start believing his own hype and i hope the american people settle down and realise he is just a man, by all accounts a very smart dude and someone who should be able to do the job well…. but he’s not the saviour and he’s not the antichrist. he’s just a president. who gives a flying fig about the amount and type of melanin he has. it does not matter. it’s all about the job he does. after all being a politician is just a job. a dirty dirty job that usually only insane power crazy people might want….

here’s to the future, we’ll see what happens.

voting in the USA {obama v mccain}

i am not a political type person…. but i am interested in the results of the election in the USA today. it seems the americans have a choice of two christians:
a} seriously insane old, war loving, white dude who actually has a sense of humour and a lifetime of experience, and would look and feel right at home in Dr Stranglove.
b} seriously super intelligent middle aged black dude, who is just crazy for killing babies, has very little experience, and obviously believes his own righteous hype.

or as i keep it in the shorthand of my mind: that crazy funny old guy or that unfunny uber nerd….

wow…. this is the best that you can spew forth america?

coming from someone on the other side of the planet, who has no vested interest… coming at it purely as someone who wants some good laughs, i’m sorta rooting for the underdog, the insane old dude. at least he makes me laugh. can you imagine how earnest and contrite it will become with brainiac at the helm?

i miss President Jed Bartlett

well, it’s offical, i am not going to the usa this year.i was planning on going over there solo at the end of march for 5 ½ weeks. but now i plan on going over same time in 2007 for longer with the whole family.more information about that soon.