geelong weekend – may 2010

thursday 6th may: 

benita and all 3 boys pile into the car at 8:15pm and we head down to Coolangatta airport, i check into Jetstar flight 449 to Melbourne – departing at 9:55pm, arriving at 12:10am – it was 20 degrees on the tarmac at Coolangatta and 9 degrees on Melbourne. thanks. anyway, walked over to Europcar to pick up my hire car and then was made to wait in the cold for their off site van to pick me up and drive me down the highway to their parking area. got a 5 door red getz {upgraded to auto even! yippee} – drive to my in-laws in Highton Geelong and arrive just before 2am where benita’s mum Dot was still up pottering in the kitchen….

friday 7th may: 

get up late – 9am – make some calls, check my email and then head out to Werribee and meet up with the one and only Corex – it was the first time i had visited his place out on the Werribee beach, cool area for pictures, but shame it’s down in Werribee…. love the people… hate the sin… or something like that.

we got some amazing noodles and had a great chat. good man that corex.

then back to Geelong and do an incredible photo shoot for the beautiful Gear family. i took Rod & Angela’s wedding pictures way back in 2000 or so and now they have three of the most gorgeous kids. Rod is the original bass player for Sons Of Korah and has been a great mate since back 1998…


then around 4:30 drove to the Geelong waterfront and had a milkshake with the dynamic duo behind Leading Image school photos: Mark & Adam. I’ve known Mark Curran since 1999 when i started contracting for Southern Cross School Photos where he was the head of the photographer department… my website business – FULL ON POWER – just completed their new website.

Friday night saw me pick up David from the train station and then have dinner with him, Claire and Spike {the bass player from Sons Of Korah} – we ordered a “King Size” pizza from Town & Country Pizza, holy moly.

saturday 8th may:

9:30am Chat with Carina Schokmann & her boyfriend Jimmy about their wedding photography at the Chocolate Room in Geelong. 11am i met up with the always lovely Jess & Nathan Hobbes. i shot their wedding back in 2004? and around 3 years ago we did their first family shoot when they had their first child Grace {one of their images we use on our current business card}, now they have their second child: a son Asher. Great time, wonderful family, i hope i continue to shoot for them FOREVER!

then i ducked back home grabbed some left over pizza and then got out to Rene & Corrie Inei’s new place in Maude by 3pm. Rene & Corrie are the dearest people ever, i have known them since 1998 and we have had some great times together and i have watched their little family grow to 4 beautiful kids… the last time i did a shoot with them was MANY MOONS ago when their eldest son was just a baby…. anyway, i cannot convey how in typing on a blog how awesome these people are and how much i love their new property!! next time me and the family are down there we are staying there!

saturday night, i flew back to the in-laws, quick change, bought some drinks and zipped over to Ggingi Photography Studio with my main man Vincenzo. Set up for the premier of Kylie & Lawrence’s awesome wedding photography and video we created for them last month. Great night, Great couple. It’s couples like Kylie & Lawrence in Geelong that make me happy to be a wedding photographer! Good times. They left close to 10pm and then i got to catch up with Vince for an hour then back to the in-laws and catch up with them for a couple of hours…

sunday 9th may:

this is the second Mother’s Day in a row that i’ve been away in Geelong! Working in the morning on the laptop at the in-laws, popped into South Valley Baptist Church and said hello to Kirby and the gang. Then had a quick lunch at the nursing home where Ma Winnie is staying…

i was first there and Ma Winnie was fast asleep. Then we had Dot, Ma Charlotte, Mama Connie & Papa Jack arrive, then Big Willie & David & Claire. Bland luke warm chicken dinner and kisses to the oldies and then i was away, quick pop in to the Bateys and saw all 5 of my beloved Bateys – Adam cooking up a mother’s day storm, Ellen in her new pyjamas and Gabby, Joel & Tia. Then drove up to werribee and caught up with Simon at The Funklab with his gorgeous family. Jolane popped in there as well. Great to see the legend that is Simon, the original Sex Symbol… 6pm i arrived at Oscar Diaz’s place where he had his extended family over for Mother’s day. 8 adults and 9 kids for family photos! i did everything in their lounge room, great to see the Diaz family again! Got over to Jolane’s place by around 8:30, he is my right hand man and together we are Full On Power. Slept over at Jolane’s.

monday 10th may:

got up at 4:30am and got to the Melbourne airport at 5am. Checked in and flew out at 6am, landed at the Gold Coast 8am where Benita and the three peanuts picked me up. so good to be home.

{all pictures in this post taken on my iPhone 3GS with the hipstamatic app}