on this exciting episode – which is now in double figures! – i tell you about drummond’s horrible showbag harmonica…. and how it triggered many memories about a wasted youth in front of the TV…to see the Wikipedia entry of the entity i end up talking about. and as promised – check out the crazy lyrics. stay […]

djp podcast 09: oakbridge interview for this 9th podcast i bring you a special interview with my man Oakbridge, hip-hopper & mate from Sydney Australia. we were in the car on the way to the airport, returning from my trip to blackstump. {more about blackstump later} you can check out the australian hip-hop church KROSSWERDZ here. […]

djp podcast 08: allergies & clean installs thar she blows! just a quick catch up for episode 8. we are still unpacking all our {benita’s note: “all of darren’s”} stuff… i just discovered MUTE MATH. i love them. galvin decided to have an allergic reaction to crunchy peanut butter the other morning… before benita rushed down […]

a very special podcast today! featuring my two sons:drummond & galvin and for those that like drummond’s song “you don’t like the rock star” here is a link to his rough demo of it – download and boogie. and attention all remixers and beat makers and musicians….here is a link to his clean vocal, feel free to remix […]

djp podcast 06: we’ve moved at last. it’s been about 3 weeks since episode 5… sorry for the delay… ’cause i know all 8 of you listening want these BAD! ha. we moved!sorry about the street traffic rumble! anyone got any solutions? i realized that i shouldn’t record at 4:45 in the afternoon… maybe i’ll […]

djp podcast 05: the blahs & sons of korah hope you’re not expecting the big happy djp today…feeling sorta “blah” this afternoon…. so why not talk about that? i also leave you with a full song from the unique band and good friends sons of korah – the lyrics from the song come from the book of Psalms, […]

djp podcast 03: podcast freak i listen to a lot of podcasts…how about you? BELOW is the complete list of ALL podcasts as of 2007- embarrassing ones included! phew! podcasts shows i subscribe to through iTunes i listen to a LOT of these new-fangled “podcasts” and sometimes i even watch some of these video ones […]

djp podcast 02: the device… been playing alot with that device we all love to hate and hate to love, but most of us can’t live without… the mobile phone. my original mobile was in 1993 /1994 – the motorala BRICK. now we’ve all got sony ericsson k800’s:the sony ericcson k800i page do a search of all […]

djp podcast 01: dert floyd on this – episode 01 of the all new djp podcast i want to let you know about a free album you can download, legally, by my man in California; DERT. now for the record i hate Pink Floyd, i never got the point of this over the top, over […]