i feel like writing something on my “blog”….

thisis going to be pretty much a snapshot of my life right now….

so today we pretty much moved out of “north st southport” and back into my parents in parkwood.

we have been living and loving and working and growing at our north street home since around june 2007, that’s over 3 years there! man time flies…. the old queenslander home on stilts at north street has seen the birth of Judah in November 2008 and the birth of Studio Promise in 2009. we have had some big big ups and some of our lowest lows as a family there. it’s funny how you don’t realise how much LIFE is lived in a place until you move….

the whole situation we have going on at the moment is good and am extremely grateful for the way our paths have been shaped right now; we finally are on our way to having the north street house being the full time premises of my photography company STUDIO PROMISE. there is a LOT we want to do there as far as outfitting it all out to be one of the greatest photography studios in south east queensland / australia / the world… but all of us in the Studio Promise team have learnt {some harder than others} that it is folly to try and start where you want to finish. so we are doing it in stages… many many stages. a big jump forward will be next weekend when we have our first all in working bee. we will be doing some serious painting {indoors} and getting the main studio / gallery area ready for clients. 


meanwhile us paines {DJ, Benita, Drummond, Galvin & Judah} are house sitting my parents place in Parkwood {a 6 to 10 minute drive from the studio} – my folks are away down south until mid January so for the next 3 and ½ months we will be here. so that means in Jan 2011 we will be looking for a house in Southport / Chirn Park / Labrador to rent and move into. That will be fun… that will be the actual “real” move. At the moment we are having a “soft” move, sort of moving in stages, which is excellent.  Whether we rent somewhere “nicer” or “cheaper” is totally depending on how much money is in the accounts and how Studio Promise goes over the next few months… i am in two minds of just finding somewhere ultra cheap for a quick 6 months lease or finding somewhere we love and settle in even if it hits the bank account for awhile. we’ll see how we are felling and doing by christmas. it’s getting harder to find somewhere decent to rent on the gold coast for a cheaper price….

And i am also hoping that around Australia Day 2011 {Jan 26th} we could have an official Studio Promise Grand Opening Day. That is my real hope at the moment. i have some great ideas for what i would like to do by then! but it is all in stages!

So change is the order of the day, that and being SUPER BUSY at work! it’s amazing how when i focus on one “career” / job / occupation what can be done. i spent the first 37 years of my life thinking i could do everything, do a dozen different jobs/projects and be successful. wrong. the last few years have been an ever increasing awareness of the power of down-sizing, giving up stuff, simplifying…. but it is a struggle for people like me; i constantly have to keep stopping myself from starting new projects or wanting to resurrect the old ones. for the foreseeable future my life is focussed on PHOTOGRAPHY and creating one of the most successful studios in Australia. 

having said that i still have TWO side projects that are on-going and will be for sometime yet:

1} FULL ON POWER – the web hosting business i have with Jolane L Synott. i use the “business” VERY LOOSLY for this endeavour. this is really an excuse for me and jolane to hang out {over the net / phone} and do tech web stuff we enjoy for people we like.

2} POPCORN PROPAGANDA – my movie reviews for the local family / christian radio station Juice 107.3 FM. and that is my hobby really. Thursday night i see new realeas movies for free and then friday morning between 7am and 8am i talk about them on air.. no money involved all volunteer. i am a hobbiest film critic.


that is me. now.

after we finished breakfast this morning Judah {22 months old} decided to get up onto the table and dance to the music… i grabbed the flip and we created this… Music: Death Cab For Cutie “Long Division”

sunday 28th february 2010 – the aftermath of judah’s foot vs the mirror Judah managed to pull down this huge mirror on top of himself and only give his left foot a one inch slice….

Saturday 30th January 2010 – {6:30am} Jolane is up at our place working on some website stuff etc… he has decided to sleep in the backyard in his swag…. the boys love it.