my first son born son & STAR WARS

OK… so i was born in 1972. When Star Wars “A New Hope” hit the Drive In’s here in Australia late in 1977 / early in 1978 i was at the perfect age of 5 ½ to 6 years old. So when i, dressed in my flannel pajamas with my dressing gown wrapped around me, saw that film sitting in my families Kingswood at the Southport Drive-In, with the old mono speaker hanging in the car window, i was done for. Star Wars captured my imagination like nothing else had and i became one of the millions of the children of the 70′s that got lost in George Lucas’ creation.
With that in mind you will understand when i tell you that i have thought long and hard about the time when my first born son {and further sons} are of the age for THE introduction to Star Wars.
For the uninitiated – There are now 6 full length films {plus clone war cartoons & clone war digitally animated series, etc } – in the order of their release:
episode # – title – year – abbreviation
episode 4 “A New Hope” 1977 {ANH} also known as just “star wars”
episode 5 “The Empire Strikes Back” 1980 {TESB}
episode 6 “Return Of The Jedi” 1983 {ROTJ}
episode 1 “The Phantom Menace” 1999 {TPM}
episode 2 “Attack Of The Clones” 2002 {AOTC}
episode 3 “Revenge Of The Sith” 2005 {ROTS}
so what order do you do them in? The way George made them {as listed above}? or in the chronological time line of the universe: 1 TPM, 2 AOTC, 3 ROTS, 4 ANH, 5 TESB, 6 ROTJ ?? They seem to be the biggest two debates {other than the hard core haters who believe 1, 2 & 3 should not exist}…

But after much thought i knew there must be a better way to incorporate them all, and i have decided to do what i will call “the flash back method“: 4 ANH > 5 TESB – then “flash back” to 1 TPM > 2 AOTC > 3 ROTS and finish with 6 ROTJ! Now i know this is controversial and many will argue against leaving everything hanging at the end of Ep 5 TESB, but i am sure and determined! you leave the story line of Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader hanging there as you go back and tell the back story of Anakin – Darth Vader. it’s inspired i tell you!
** it was also confirmed to be a stroke of genius when i heard one of the biggest Star Wars geeks in the universe {and i say that with respect}: Arnie from SW Action News prepose the exact same order in one of his podcasts….

Now i also want to try and create a little bit of the atmosphere of what the films are going for and stretch out the experience. So i present to you:

The DJ Paine Star Wars Installment Plan.

How i am breaking up the Star Wars films for my sons when they are almost 6 years old.

Night 1 ANH part 1: to Luke’s decision to follow Obi Wan. {0:40:47}

Night 2 ANH part 2: to getting desperate in the trash compactor. {1:21:00}

Night 3 ANH part 3: to the end of the film.

Night 4 TESB part 1: to Luke passing thru Dagobah’s atmosphere. {0:39:40}

Night 5 TESB part 2: to Luke leaving Dagobah. {1:22:07}

Night 6 TESB part 3: to the end of the film.

Night 7 TPM part 1: to Qui-Gon getting blood test results. {0:49:05}

Night 8 TPM part 2: to “Wesa going home!” they leave for Naboo. {1:32:55}

Night 9 TPM part 3: to the end of the film.

Night 10 AOTC part 1: to after they kiss {0:43:56}

Night 11 AOTC part 2: to after the funeral {1:24:32}

Night 12 AOTC part 3: to the end of the film.

Night 13 ROTS part 1: to “is it possible to learn this power? not from a jedi” {0:46:03}

Night 14 ROTS part 2: Anakin leaves Padme {1:26:15}

Night 15 ROTS part 3: to the end of the film.

Night 16 ROTJ part 1: to the death of Yoda {0:43:30}

Night 17 ROTJ part 2: to the fleet hitting hyperdrive {1:24:15}

Night 18 ROTJ part 3: to the end of the film. THE END!!!

What do ya think?