sydney trip july 2007 it’s late at night sunday and i’m at the end of this sydney trip. it’s been productive, fun and short. i’ll be telling you more about it soon, in the meantime here is a taste of the upcoming images from the MISTERY solo album shoot…

Newcastle Oak Factory 3pm thurs. Newcastle Oak milk factory / HJ’s under the horrible freeways, bridges and lights of that no-man’s land. 150kms to sydney & i just stumbled onto the local christian radio station, so i’m drinking my oak to the newsboys.

heading south

in about 7 hours or so i’ll get up {around 6am} and climb in the trusty old station wagon and drive down south solo….
i’ll do the 10 or 12 hours behind the wheel and get to sydney.
i’ll be in and around sydney for the weekend.
doing a shoot for the mistery solo album.
doing a shoot for the wizdm solo album.
doing a lovely family shoot.
speaking at krosswerdz hip-hop church.
catching up with the blackstump team.
going to Dominic Kelsall’s 30th birthday.
catching up with lots of good friends, doing business and picking up a set of post office boxes that i scored a while ago and have been sitting in wizdm’s garage.
{main reason i am taking the expensive way & driving down}

i have made the trip from the gold coast to sydney so many times i couldn’t count it.
and a lot of those trips have been solo trips.
i think this trip will be my last ever solo trip.
i usually fly and hire a car, {the only way to do it, also the cheapest} but also there is the family factor, and any big trips in the future will be family trips and holidays…
so here’s to what i hope will be my last ever solo road trip!
{i’ll try and update from the trip, at the very least there will be some twitter updates!}