this time of year…

it’s the last week of september – first few days of october….
that time of year again.
this time of year always seem to fly by, stumble over, collapse like a row of dominoes. and it’s mostly due to the blackstump music festival.
here’s the festival’s website.
here’s the festival’s wikipedia entry.
i love this festival. it’s like a family reunion every year. and it’s become one of the most important dates on the “aussie christian hip-hoppers” calendar. we’ve had some fun times with them. and by fun times i mean, real fun times and real not fun times. but all in all, it’s a great weekend.
it just takes up so much of my late september, and early october.
so tomorrow i fly out in the morning – thursday 27th september- to Sydney and i get back on the Gold Coast late tuesday 2nd october. and here are some of the things on the agenda:
– catch up with Wizdm and talk about releasing his second solo album on mustard.
– catch up with the hoodsta kidd, see where his solo album is at.
– organize blackstump acts for friday night, sunday morning & sunday night.
– help out with all things from krosswerdz and the service in sydney on saturday night.
– meet with the NSW bible society about the australian hip-hop bible.
– try and meet with the team behind
– take some family pictures/ do some sittings.
– maybe do a story for a music magazine on the krosswerdz scene.
– plus oodles of catching up.

i’ll try and blog some pictures and stuff.

and it’s that weird djp condition of simultaneously looking forward to something and looking forward to it being finished.

it’s gonna be fun, i’ll just miss b & the boys too much.
{drummond told me today “when i’m a bigger boy i’ll come with you and help you daddy, i’ll come with you on the plane and go to blackstump.” he had such a perfect earnestness combined with a matter of factness that almost made me cry…}

sydney trip july 2007 it’s late at night sunday and i’m at the end of this sydney trip. it’s been productive, fun and short. i’ll be telling you more about it soon, in the meantime here is a taste of the upcoming images from the MISTERY solo album shoot…

heading south

in about 7 hours or so i’ll get up {around 6am} and climb in the trusty old station wagon and drive down south solo….
i’ll do the 10 or 12 hours behind the wheel and get to sydney.
i’ll be in and around sydney for the weekend.
doing a shoot for the mistery solo album.
doing a shoot for the wizdm solo album.
doing a lovely family shoot.
speaking at krosswerdz hip-hop church.
catching up with the blackstump team.
going to Dominic Kelsall’s 30th birthday.
catching up with lots of good friends, doing business and picking up a set of post office boxes that i scored a while ago and have been sitting in wizdm’s garage.
{main reason i am taking the expensive way & driving down}

i have made the trip from the gold coast to sydney so many times i couldn’t count it.
and a lot of those trips have been solo trips.
i think this trip will be my last ever solo trip.
i usually fly and hire a car, {the only way to do it, also the cheapest} but also there is the family factor, and any big trips in the future will be family trips and holidays…
so here’s to what i hope will be my last ever solo road trip!
{i’ll try and update from the trip, at the very least there will be some twitter updates!}

sydney in july

i flew into sydney yesterday morning {wednesday 26 july} on jetstar. bad experience arriving there 5 minutes before the check in closes and then being told to wait in the wrong line, waiting in line whilke the check out dudes talk on the phone and when i finally get to the check in dude he says that it closed 5 minutes ago and i have to pay 70 bucks to get the next flight that is 10 minutes later…. thanks jetstar. i’ll be calling complaints soon.

anyway, the positive side is that the plane i caught was the 2nd emptiest plane i’ve ever caught, it was great. landed into cold and miserable rainy sydney and picked up my hire car from europcar and zipped down to marrickville to quickly catch up with matt/mistery; the long haired lout. i then headed north to the macquarie centre and grabed something to eat before a 1pm meting with Mark Brown from the Bible Society. we chatted for nearly 3 hours. i don’t want to go into yet, but let’s just say that the Mustard Empire will continue to work with the best australian christian hip-hop artists and the Bible Society of Australia will be involved somehow… there is some very interesting plans and projects in the wings….

i then drove out west to Claude/ Wizdm’s place in seven hills. It is always a pleasure to catach up with Wiz and his wife Keren and there 3 boys… they are great friends who i thank Father for often.

Mistery showed up around 7:30pm and we went out for something aribic to eat around auburn. Mistery/Matt is one of my best mates. i love this dude. he is one of the hardest working guys i know. and without a doubt he is the hardest working self employed full time hip-hoppers i’ll ever know. we had a great talk about life, God, church, the krosswerdz project, the jews, the orthodox church, the virgin mary, the book of revelation, hip-hop, australian hip-hop and more… if you are reading this and know matt, call him NOW and give him some love and encouragement, he needs it, he is running on very low batteries…. overworked workaholic.

had a great sleep last night {needed it} and this morning me and wiz were supposed to meet up with avene who is mixing the wizdm solo album. but avene has post poned the meeting till next week. {bogged down finishing another job} so i got my stuff together and headed out to turramura and found a bendigo bank {our bank} so i could do a telegraphic transfer of some money into the bank of the place that processes 3D pictures in Hing Kong. they are the only place left on the planet that still process this amazing photography. i should be getting a bunch of the work back in two weeks.

now i am typing away in a dodgy little internet place in hornsby {on a PC! at least i downloaded firefox!} and i am off again in a minute to catch up with chris west and john ? from the BlackStump Music festival. they are the new team this year co-ordinating it and we at Mustard do all the hip-hop at the festival. a lot of work but it’s the key date every year for the aussie christian hip-hop scene –

tonight i am meting up with the team to chat about what they are up to and have dinner. it’ll be interesting.

in the morning {friday 28th} i fly out of sydney into melbourne and i photograph a wedding on saturday in eltham and sunday morning it’s back to sydney for 3 days and then i finally fly home into the gold coast on wednesday night….


but good.

pray for preganant benita and little drummond at home without me.

talk soon.

this is what i’m doing today i reckon i have about 350 CD’s and DVD’s to sort out today.this is my work desk {where all the magic happens} with ALL the discs to organize laid out.i finally have a new system to sort and file these CD’s and DVD’s- as opposed to my old system […]

ok updated…

ok, let’s see….

  • new header image? check.
  • about me / links pages? check.
  • flickr badge modified? check.
  • vimeo badge working? check.
  • drop down archive- modified to “past adventures”? check.
  • categories changed to “lands traveled”? check.
  • meta de-cluttered & now “tech”? check.

well it looks like i have got the blog back on it’s feet… to a point where i am happy with it again…

l have also updated and re-themed / skinned / modified thes blogs as well:


last night at dinner {shot from my phone}. from left to right are:Claudio “Wizdm / Wiz” Rodriguez – www.wizdm.comJolane “the mad man” Synott – www.jolane.netSimon “sex symbol” McRae – Wiz is down from sydney for the weekend {he opened for phrase last night at a lttle club} and so we wnet out last night for dinner at […]

email email email?

ok so i have a LOT of different email address’….

basically because i have / manage so many websites.

then i’ve also got my gmail address- djp1972 [at symbol] – at home in front of my regular mac i run my email iMap styles. it’s sweet, all sorted in to acounts and folders. i have my message rules running in the mac mail app and it’s cool. but over the last 4 months i’ve been mostly away from my HQ and i use my webmail for each email address… anyhoo- it’s a pain logging into each seperate email address… so i am experimenting changing some of my emails into forward only address’ to my main email which is d [at symbol] – i’ll let you know how it goes… if you’ve got any great suggestions – let me know.


ok i am about to out geek myself here….

if you want to email me – the UBER email is now d [at symbol]

but you can also pick any of the following and it will get to me:

use the follwing prefixes:

d / djp / djp72

@ any of the following domains:

too easy! just mix your favourite nam/nickname/prefix {3 to choose from} and your favourite domain name/suffix {only 18 to choose from} – that makes about 54 email address’!

for example you can have or or …. etc

choose your own email for me! it will all get to me now!

2006 is going to be an interesting year.

ok, we are just into the second week of 2006 and i already know two things:
it’s going to be the best year of my life.
it’s going to be the hardest year of my life.

here’s the rough plan as it shaping up thus far:

13th – my mum flys down south to spend a few weeks with her mum- benita and i look after my dad.
from 13th to the 21st – photographing kids here on the Gold Coast
22nd – fly down to Melbourne and then to Geelong.
from 23rd to March 10th – doing contracted photography, photographing schools around victoria.
26th – Australia Day. Launch the new, listen to Triple J’s Hottest 100
from 10th to the 12th – fly back to Gold Coast for the weekend.
18th – wedding in Geelong Ben & Lisa
1st – Benita and Drum fly down to Geelong for two weeks.
5th – Benita turns 27- party in Geelong.
12th – wedding in Geelong Joanne & Allan
13th – the paines’ fly back to Gold Coast.
from 15th to 25th – photographing kids here on the Gold Coast.
18th – i turn 34 – b and i go away for the weekend.
26th- Fly out of Australia – into L.A. and then fly into Nashville – Stay with Adam & Brandy Lester
1st – GMA Music Week – Nashville TN – in the hotel with the illect crew.
6th – Drive to Rochester MN with Josh N.
16th- Fly out of Rochester MN into Atlanta GA – Stay with Ward & Andrea Jenkins
20th – Fly out of Atlanta GA into Seattle WA – Stay with Jon & Joy Madison
27th – Fly out of Seattle WA into L.A. CA – Stay with Kirby & Sonci Lancaster
4th – Fly out of L.A. CA back home to Australia.
? – wedding in Wollongong New South Wales- Diego’s
June & July
a few weddings in Melbourne.
a family trip to Sydney, catching up with all the Sydney crew
the two months will be spent mostly photographing kids here on the Gold Coast
4th – benita and i celebrate 5 years of wedded bliss
photographing & a few mustard releases.
3rd – Benita gives birth to our second child, hopefully a girl.
later in September, road manage a short tour with some hip-hop artists around Australia
28th – 2nd October – Blackstump Music Festival / Mustard Tent.
28th – 2nd October – Blackstump Music Festival / Mustard Tent.
heaps of website / hosting renewal due this month.
Weddings in Melbourne / Geelong
25th – i am organizing christmas for my side of the family up here on the Gold Coast.
29th – we fly down to Geelong – spend family time with benita’s side.
31st – drummond turns 3.