i feel like writing something on my “blog”….

thisis going to be pretty much a snapshot of my life right now….

so today we pretty much moved out of “north st southport” and back into my parents in parkwood.

we have been living and loving and working and growing at our north street home since around june 2007, that’s over 3 years there! man time flies…. the old queenslander home on stilts at north street has seen the birth of Judah in November 2008 and the birth of Studio Promise in 2009. we have had some big big ups and some of our lowest lows as a family there. it’s funny how you don’t realise how much LIFE is lived in a place until you move….

the whole situation we have going on at the moment is good and am extremely grateful for the way our paths have been shaped right now; we finally are on our way to having the north street house being the full time premises of my photography company STUDIO PROMISE. there is a LOT we want to do there as far as outfitting it all out to be one of the greatest photography studios in south east queensland / australia / the world… but all of us in the Studio Promise team have learnt {some harder than others} that it is folly to try and start where you want to finish. so we are doing it in stages… many many stages. a big jump forward will be next weekend when we have our first all in working bee. we will be doing some serious painting {indoors} and getting the main studio / gallery area ready for clients. 


meanwhile us paines {DJ, Benita, Drummond, Galvin & Judah} are house sitting my parents place in Parkwood {a 6 to 10 minute drive from the studio} – my folks are away down south until mid January so for the next 3 and ½ months we will be here. so that means in Jan 2011 we will be looking for a house in Southport / Chirn Park / Labrador to rent and move into. That will be fun… that will be the actual “real” move. At the moment we are having a “soft” move, sort of moving in stages, which is excellent.  Whether we rent somewhere “nicer” or “cheaper” is totally depending on how much money is in the accounts and how Studio Promise goes over the next few months… i am in two minds of just finding somewhere ultra cheap for a quick 6 months lease or finding somewhere we love and settle in even if it hits the bank account for awhile. we’ll see how we are felling and doing by christmas. it’s getting harder to find somewhere decent to rent on the gold coast for a cheaper price….

And i am also hoping that around Australia Day 2011 {Jan 26th} we could have an official Studio Promise Grand Opening Day. That is my real hope at the moment. i have some great ideas for what i would like to do by then! but it is all in stages!

So change is the order of the day, that and being SUPER BUSY at work! it’s amazing how when i focus on one “career” / job / occupation what can be done. i spent the first 37 years of my life thinking i could do everything, do a dozen different jobs/projects and be successful. wrong. the last few years have been an ever increasing awareness of the power of down-sizing, giving up stuff, simplifying…. but it is a struggle for people like me; i constantly have to keep stopping myself from starting new projects or wanting to resurrect the old ones. for the foreseeable future my life is focussed on PHOTOGRAPHY and creating one of the most successful studios in Australia. 

having said that i still have TWO side projects that are on-going and will be for sometime yet:

1} FULL ON POWER – the web hosting business i have with Jolane L Synott. i use the “business” VERY LOOSLY for this endeavour. this is really an excuse for me and jolane to hang out {over the net / phone} and do tech web stuff we enjoy for people we like.

2} POPCORN PROPAGANDA – my movie reviews for the local family / christian radio station Juice 107.3 FM. and that is my hobby really. Thursday night i see new realeas movies for free and then friday morning between 7am and 8am i talk about them on air.. no money involved all volunteer. i am a hobbiest film critic.


that is me. now.

the story of our front fence – part one

so we’ve been waiting since we moved in to have a new front fence done at our place…
the picture featured is from back in june- you can see the state of the original fence – it was swaying on the breeze.

if you want to see the house from back in june you can go here
our landlord has been organizing a fencer, and apparently the number one job to have in the world is a fencer on the gold coast… you have so much work that you don’t have to call anyone back or even do the work. anyway, i am on the case now and i’ve called 9 fencers and had 2 call me back. what a ratio! 
i was planning on pulling down the fence ages ago, but thought a fencer would be doing it soon, last night benita came in with the car and managed to back into part of the fence, so this morning i went nuts and pulled most of it down.
within a month we will have a new fence. i swear.

djp podcast 08: allergies & clean installs thar she blows! just a quick catch up for episode 8. we are still unpacking all our {benita’s note: “all of darren’s”} stuff… i just discovered MUTE MATH. i love them. galvin decided to have an allergic reaction to crunchy peanut butter the other morning… before benita rushed down […]

good news bad news good news

so we’ve moved…
we started sleeping here at 9 north street in our beloved old two story “queenslander”on sunday night 19th august. and it’s going great. we love it.
the day before we started sleeping here we got 4 new tires on our station wagon. benita found a great deal at the local Goodyear dealership. 4 new goodyear tyres fitted and wheel balance, with a 6 month check up etc… all for $360. good deal. very happy.
week one – monday august 20th > sunday august 26th 
for the first week we were in here, it really rained all weekseriously. it was crazy- so much rain. on the saturday 25th benita’s parents “papa will & mama dot” arrived here on the coast for a weeks holiday with us. sunday 26th was Galvin’s 1st birthday – we had a great day, even though he slept through most of his party.
week two – monday august 27th > sunday september 2nd 
benita was pretty sick {i think her body went into shut down mode because her mum was here to take over} but we managed to have a great time with the folks- we painted the living room, b, the boys and her folks plus our good friend shelly spence & her son elijah- went toDreamworld on thursday, it was drummond and galvin’s first time… aaahhhh. on friday {which was a public holiday here on the gold coast – for the gc show} they all went up to tambourine mountain for the afternoon…. the in-laws left on saturday 1st september – it was great having them here!
now last week around thursday, i had a flat tire {oh that’s why you talked about the tires…} and i changed the tire and thought nothing of it, then friday i had two flat tires, and then the next day three. talking to one of our neighbors he said that someone kept doing it, and he had gone through six tires! and as some people know, if you have any damage to the wall of your tyre then there is nothing you can do, in australia it’s not legal to fix them. so saturday i was pretty bummed.
today my folks came over and i was able to use their car to take the tyres off mine and fill em back up with air, put them back on and i drove out to the dealer. Nathan and the team there said they would take a look, they were pretty banmboozled. i prayed like crazy that they could fix them cheap or something, money is tight at the moment so i really begged Father that something good would happen….
i gotta phone call a little while later, Nathan said that he and the Goodyear Area Rep had a look and said the tires had all been “staked” and they were ruined… they felt really bad for us, so the rep decided to GIVE US FOUR FREE TYRES – no charge, fitted, balanced, the works.
i nearly cried.
so that made my day, and they now have a costumer for life, and i will recommend them to anyone!
if you are around this way and need tyres. check them out.
needless to say we will be parking under our house from now on.

so there ya go…
our first two weeks in southport! weeeee

djp podcast 06: we’ve moved at last. it’s been about 3 weeks since episode 5… sorry for the delay… ’cause i know all 8 of you listening want these BAD! ha. we moved!sorry about the street traffic rumble! anyone got any solutions? i realized that i shouldn’t record at 4:45 in the afternoon… maybe i’ll […]

we have moved.

we are out, totally, of parkwood.
we are in, messily, into southport.
we are done.
the net is on, the mac’s set up.
the boys are asleep in bed.
there are boxes EVERYWHERE.
and it’s pouring down rain, it’s been seriously raining for the last 2 days here on the gold coast. a good test to see if this old queenslander is water proof {i’m talking about the house… not me}

moving part 2 {the waterbed blues}

we are still moving house…
today we dropped off drummond at his kindy {kindergarten} went out to north st & spent a lot of the day painting in the veranda / office {see the picture} and we also spent alot of time with our water bed… i ran the hose alongside the outside of the house and up into our bedroom window on the 2nd floor and filled up the waterbed bladder. then i tried to fix the crumpled up sponge baffle inside the bladder, i was on the phone to waterbed stores, getting advice, trying it again, then i emptied the waterbed, {water restrictions be damned!} and now the waterbed bladder is blown up like a balloon in the drive way here in parkwood. what a pain.

it’s almost impossible to explain with just written words what is going on inside that waterbed bladder, also because most people i know haven’t ever owned or filled/emptied a waterbed…. but trust me it is a nightmare. imagine if they made a balloon/hot water bottle with a neatly folded tea towel in it, and then you filled it with water, shook it all about, and then let out the water and was left with a scrunched up wet tea towel in it- your job is to somehow make that tea towel neatly folded again from outside the ballon/hot water bottle – now enlarge it all by 100. this is a nightmare.

anyway, we finally got back home around 2:30pm and once again my right hand is covered in white paint splatter…
more moving news soon

moving…. {the beginning}

hey all.
we are finally moving house.
it’s been almost 2 years since we left Victoria and for that time we’ve been living in my folks place in the suburb of parkwood on the gold coast. it’s been a great time, lot’s of traveling for everyone concerned, and great to get on our feet up here in Queensland. But the downsides are that you have all your stuff in storage and you are doing things different because the house isn’t how you’d do it… it’s not your nest to set up how you like…
anyway, now begins our next stage of life- living in North Street Southport.
here’s a map

the house we are moving into is owned by some good friends of ours from geelong; simon & jodie coker. we met them through south valley baptist church down south and when we lived down there i used to joke with simon that he had to kick his friends out that he had in there renting for 5 years and get us in…. he used to say that it would never happen because the couple that were in there were there forever!
august last year {2006} simon called us and said the couple were moving out! can we get in there? we were weeks away from galvin being born so i said SURE, just wait till after the birth, but we went and checked out the house, met the cool couple in there, and started planning the move….
they actually didn’t move out till last month {june 2007}

we have been moving in our boxed stuff for the last 2 weeks, and this week i started a new routine: wake up at 6am, drive over to the new place {9 minutes} and start painting inside, do that for a couple of hours and get back to where we are in parkwood, start working etc on my photography clients work, then at around 4 head back over to the north street place and more painting for a couple of hours….

now i have paint everywhere on me.
i am finding paint on everything, my ipod, my feet, my clothes.
the inside of the house is all an off white colour – “whisper white” – the existing walls inside are either “hasn’t been painted in 50 years white” or a horrible blue green that is way too dark.
i can’t live in a blue colour.

so expect lots of moving moaning and moving victories blogging over the next few weeks…