the weekend of meg & dj’s wedding

last night we got in back home to southport from our trip to sydney, just benita and i, the boys stayed here on the gold coast with my folks…
it was a massive weekend- and to tell the story right i have to give you a little back story…
here’s the rundown:
the end of 2007 & the first week of this new year, benita and i have been talking and praying about what are we going to do in this new year… what does our Father want for us? where is this road taking us? where do we want to go from here? it’s not a mid life crisis {well maybe if i die at 70} but we feel that change is brewing out on the horizon. we talked about taking my experience and skills with the christian music industry, my passion for helping people and not to mention my photography and using all of that in an organisation that is actually doing something worthwhile…. names like “Compassion” & “the Bible Society” came up and we prayed about it….
wednesday 2nd jan – benita finds a job advertised for “Event & Partner Artists Relationship Manager” for Compassion Australia. applications close in two days on friday 4th.
thursday 3rd & friday 4th, struggle through and write a resume, first real resume i’ve done in over 14 years. i email it off by the cut off time…

fast forward a week.
friday 11th jan – wake up at 4:44am here on southport, gold coast. my mum comes over around 5am to pick us all up and take benita and i to coolangatta airport. it is pouring down with rain, and i mean pouring. we arrive 5 minutes after jetstar’s check in time cut off and have to pay $120 to get transferred onto the next flight to sydney. thanks jetstar.
say goodbye to my mum the boys, no tears so that’s good. it’s the first time both benita and i have left both of them for a night, let alone three.
the flight to sydney is only just over an hour, but at the moment new south wales and the south eastern states are all on daylight savings and we are not, so we leave around 7:30 and arrive in syndey at around 9:45; loose an hour. Matthew “mistery” Peet picks us up 10am {sydney time} and we head back to his place in Auburn – on the way to his place i get a phone call from Liz from Compassion, good news; i’m on the short list for the job, and since i’m in sydney {i had mentioned that in my email} am i able to come up to newcastle for a “pre”-interview” with one of the men who will be doing the real interviews next week. “no problems!” i say “see you at 1:30.”

we drop matt and turn around and drive straight to newcastle. get there on 1:30 and head in for a two hour chat with the very enlightening David Harrison of Compassion. benita sat in on the interview too, and it went great. after confirming i definitely should make the actual interviews with the rest of the decision makers on friday 18th, David showed us around the very impressive new compassion complex and we waved goodbye around 4pm.
we jumped back in to mistery’s old Hyundai Excel and drove directly back to sydney, to a pre wedding family dinner with the Keegans & Proctors at the Keegans house in Quakers Hill. David & Claire were invited too, so we had a wonderful dinner with all the wonderful family. catching up with always great Kyle Keegan.
we then drive over the tracks into seven hills and stay with our dear friends Keren & Claudio “wizdm” Rodriguez for the night.


saturday 12th jan – it was team DJP all the way – me, b and dave & claire faulmann {benita’s brother}. we do the boys at the keegans, we do the girls at the proctors, ceremony, afternoon tea/reception, family shots, bridal party, the couple… from 9am to 9pm. the couple: meg & DJ, are incredible. i’ve known them both since they were kids. seriously. i first met DJ when his family came out to australia from the USA in 1991, he was 5. they are great friends and just two of the most beautiful people ever. it was an honour to photograph their day, and in all seriousness, we did an amazing job. world class. award winning. we are awesome.
back to Keren & Claude’s for the night.

sunday 13th jan – had a nice slow morning catching up with claude & keren at their place, we did a little shopping, repacked everything, bought some plane tickets for this coming weekend, had lunch with them back at their place, looked at keren’s latest europe photographs and then we headed out to “The Embassy” and got to hang out with them for their first service of 2008.

The Embassy is a very casual church run by Evan Peet {mistery’s “little” brother – pictured} our one and only “fake aunty” Kristy DeLaney goes there as well and it was her birthday on thursday the 10th, it was also marcelo “oakbridge”s birthday so we went out to Happy Chef in the always fun suburb of Campsie. a quick dinner with the gang and then off to the airport.
we lost an hour coming back – left at 9:25pm and arrived at 9:45pm – not bad. my oldest mate Aaron Spence came and picked us up and dropped us back home where we fell into our water bed and collapsed of exhaustion at around 11pm…

what a weekend!
and back to newcastle i fly this friday…
in the meantime check out these shots of team DJP at the end of a massive wedding shoot:
the always spectacular claire & david faulmann:benita the angel of light and the dark one:

and if you read all that. you are awesome.
leave a comment why don’t you!

sydney trip july 2007 it’s late at night sunday and i’m at the end of this sydney trip. it’s been productive, fun and short. i’ll be telling you more about it soon, in the meantime here is a taste of the upcoming images from the MISTERY solo album shoot…