sydney – day one of the trip: thursday 27th september

it’s friday morning, i’m at wizdm’s pad and i’ve got a few minutes so i thought i’d give a brief rundown of yesterday:
up early {5am} with the family at home on the gold coast- enjoying the antics of my boys {drummond eating yogurt and deliberately smearing it around his face}. we leave the house at 7:15am to the airport….

get the Virgin flight DJ504 at 8:55am to sydney, where my main man Mistery picks me up, we check out some new krosswerdz banners he has had made and then have lunch at his parents place in Petersham. He drops me at wizdm’s place around 1pm.

had a great time catching up with wiz, even better was the fact hoodsta kidd came on down and hung out listening/buying some new wizdm beats… good times…

at the end of a busy day we watch Spiderman 3 – wiz had just bought it on DVD and i haven’t seen it yet – let me just say that it was not great. the best review of spider man 3 is this awesome video on youtube.

Newcastle Oak Factory 3pm thurs. Newcastle Oak milk factory / HJ’s under the horrible freeways, bridges and lights of that no-man’s land. 150kms to sydney & i just stumbled onto the local christian radio station, so i’m drinking my oak to the newsboys.