“The Jesus I Never Knew”

i finally finished the book!
“The Jesus I Never Knew – prepare for a surprise encounter”
by Philip Yancey.

Philip Yancey- gotta dig a white man with an afro.

It has taken me ages to get through this book, which is not a slight on the book.
the book is great, and i found it satisfying to read in small chunks and think about that chunk.
i really did enjoy the book, it is full of insights and quotes from writers throughout the ages..
the thoughts that Philip Yancey collates and organizes and digests about Jesus, on the most part, are really pertinent to me, and i think for most people, whether they are christians or not.
i especially appreciate the ideas about the “Kingdom of God”, which are not Yancey’s ideas really, but are just the concepts presented in scripture digested and expressed in a basic way…