we had a great time on the weekend by the way. this picture was taken in wollongong. just around the corner from hoodsta’s place…. we had a great time on the weekend… May 4 – we flew out from avalon geelong and into sydney- hoodsta picked us up and we drove back down to his place in […]

Marina and Diego with Joel the whole reason for the trip up to sydney / wollongong was to photograph Diego Biancullo’s wedding. Diego used to be one half of Soulkeepers- DJ Diggz. he truelly is one of the most painfully tallented people i have ever met. {painful because he is also one of the most […]

dinner in warrawong b & i had a great night – friday 5 may- with hoodsta and his wife tammy, jesta “mikey freedom” and his wife sophia. saw Mission Impossible 3 at the “gala” cinema in warrawong {near wollongong}. then some great pizza & then found a bakery cooking fresh apple danishes and crossaints at […]