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And now a friendly message from my 8 year old son @galvinpaine – this is a school art project that he brought home where he could come up with any cool slogan or message he wanted to…. ahhhhhh Galvin boy, the friendly neighbourhood theologian. #god #cool #art #blue (at The Brothers Paine)

derek webb. 2009.

for those of you {which is most “normal” folk} who are not wrapped up in the ghetto of christian media and entertainment: Derek Webb is an american dude who had a fairly successful christian band called Caedmon’s Call. i wouldn’t call myself a big fan, though i have a few of their albums. i appreciated the band and Derek Webb because there was an essence of authentic-ness to his lyrics and even his vocal delivery… i hadn’t thought about him or the band for a few years until i heard on the grapevine about some broo-ha-ha over his new album. i looked into it and apparently it’s because he says the word “shit” on one song.
are we -{and i am using the word we because i am a christian and part of the church in the truest sense of the word.} – still so immature that when one of our artists passionately expresses himself in ART he might use a “profane” word? are we that weak that we can’t take one little artists out pouring? could it be that he HAS to use whatever is in him to convey exactly what he believes Father has shown him?
so i finally heard some of the new album, and blow me down, it is excellent. Right up my alley. The production is fantastic, gone are the rootsy folksy christian nashville sound of Caedman’s Call, and instead there are loops, samples and chopped up electronics. I LOVE IT.
and as for me: i believe that on so many levels:
and just honouring Father because you are jumping out into that abyss of creating and loosing yourself in it all….
this is the best stuff that i’ve heard Derek Webb do.
but what do i know hey?

here are some videos.
check out Derek Webb online here.

The Offending Song:

The Trailer for the album:


as mentioned a couple of days ago, i have a second interview with compassion australia tomorrow {friday 18th} for the position of Event & Partner Artists Relationship Manager. the thing is, i really want the job. in the week since the first interview and actually thinking about it, praying about it and researching up on it, my heart has changed and i am totally all about this job…. Psalm 37:4 {in the king james english} Delight thyself also in the LORD: and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. i’ve grown to understand the meaning of this promise not as Father being the genie or santa clause in the sky, but as the more amazing beauty that happens when one is in love with Father and is walking with Him, and His spirit changes their heart, moulds it like pottery… changes the very desires one has, changes the outlook and motivation of ones heart… in some way i feel like He has done that in my heart, and now my desire is for this job, where a week ago the desire wasn’t reallythere.
but the more i want it it, the greater the anxiety that i’m gonna muck it up somehow… in the style of Larry DavidCurb Your Enthusiasm and that i am setting myself up for disappointment. somehow i’m gonna do some i am not an anxious person, not a nervous person, i’m pretty unflappable really, and i’m sure come tomorrow 1:30pm sydney time, i’ll be fine. it’s just the now- this before time, the anticipation is like a bowling ball sitting in my stomach.
anyway, here’s the deal: tomorrow i get up {QLD time} at 3:30am, we bundle everyone up and pile in the car and drive the one hour and 15 minutes to brisbane airport for the 6am flight to newcastle. {after last weeks fiasco of missing the flight, i’m not taking any chances.} i hire a car from newcastle airport and cruise around till around lunch time, when i’ll have to find somewhere to get changed and then head over to the Compassion HQ. 1:30 interview and then more hanging around. i then cruise back to the airport, drop car, catch bus to the train station and then go the hour on the train to gosford – where i will be hanging, staying, speaking and photographing at the 3-5-1 camp, that part will be fine, fun and rewarding. it’s just tomorrow in newcastle….
hey, if you are the praying type then please talk to Father about me and this job. i’m all pregnant with expectation…

good news bad news good news

so we’ve moved…
we started sleeping here at 9 north street in our beloved old two story “queenslander”on sunday night 19th august. and it’s going great. we love it.
the day before we started sleeping here we got 4 new tires on our station wagon. benita found a great deal at the local Goodyear dealership. 4 new goodyear tyres fitted and wheel balance, with a 6 month check up etc… all for $360. good deal. very happy.
week one – monday august 20th > sunday august 26th 
for the first week we were in here, it really rained all weekseriously. it was crazy- so much rain. on the saturday 25th benita’s parents “papa will & mama dot” arrived here on the coast for a weeks holiday with us. sunday 26th was Galvin’s 1st birthday – we had a great day, even though he slept through most of his party.
week two – monday august 27th > sunday september 2nd 
benita was pretty sick {i think her body went into shut down mode because her mum was here to take over} but we managed to have a great time with the folks- we painted the living room, b, the boys and her folks plus our good friend shelly spence & her son elijah- went toDreamworld on thursday, it was drummond and galvin’s first time… aaahhhh. on friday {which was a public holiday here on the gold coast – for the gc show} they all went up to tambourine mountain for the afternoon…. the in-laws left on saturday 1st september – it was great having them here!
now last week around thursday, i had a flat tire {oh that’s why you talked about the tires…} and i changed the tire and thought nothing of it, then friday i had two flat tires, and then the next day three. talking to one of our neighbors he said that someone kept doing it, and he had gone through six tires! and as some people know, if you have any damage to the wall of your tyre then there is nothing you can do, in australia it’s not legal to fix them. so saturday i was pretty bummed.
today my folks came over and i was able to use their car to take the tyres off mine and fill em back up with air, put them back on and i drove out to the dealer. Nathan and the team there said they would take a look, they were pretty banmboozled. i prayed like crazy that they could fix them cheap or something, money is tight at the moment so i really begged Father that something good would happen….
i gotta phone call a little while later, Nathan said that he and the Goodyear Area Rep had a look and said the tires had all been “staked” and they were ruined… they felt really bad for us, so the rep decided to GIVE US FOUR FREE TYRES – no charge, fitted, balanced, the works.
i nearly cried.
so that made my day, and they now have a costumer for life, and i will recommend them to anyone!
if you are around this way and need tyres. check them out.
needless to say we will be parking under our house from now on.

so there ya go…
our first two weeks in southport! weeeee

djp podcast 05: the blahs & sons of korah hope you’re not expecting the big happy djp today…feeling sorta “blah” this afternoon…. so why not talk about that? i also leave you with a full song from the unique band and good friends sons of korah – the lyrics from the song come from the book of Psalms, […]

how to turn me off {part one}

i am a christian.
i would describe myself as a sincere, honest follower of Jesus the Christ.
i consider myself quite a basic “fundamentalist” in the truest meaning of the word – that is i believe in the fundamentals of the biblical faith.
& i consider myself a “literalist” – that is i take the bible literally, not as some mystical spell with hidden meanings.
quite simply i believe the way to Father, the Maker of all, is only through Jesus.

the flipside:

the things that make me disgusted more than anything else are christians and church stuff.
here is a quick list of that type of things that totally make me sick, turns me off & results in the gas face.

{in no particular order}

any preacher who uses the phrase “this generation” while praying.

anyone who really believes that the king james bible is the only one true translation.

“christian movements”.

shouting preachers.

“prayer warriors”.

73% of music made for and played on christian radio.

preachers who ask the crowd to repeat after them.


any christian who has a problem with or thinks that old school hymns are not cool.

any christian who believes that drums are evil.

preachers who ask the crowd to “reach out their hand”.

anyone involved in the health, wealth & prosperity movement.

people who pray and work themselves up and start yelling or telling God what to do.

“revival” meetings and “revival” preachers.

99.9% of all american christian television ministries.

american christian hype that feels like navel gazing….
when the american flag is mixed with christianese.

christians “speaking in tongues” in a large group.

youth alive rallies.

preachers who use the phrase “we declare” while praying. {once again telling God what to do}

preachers who repeat the same phrase more than twice in a row.

church groups who have administrative meetings every other day for yet another program or “ministry”.

christian t-shirts that take a popular logo or slogan and crams jesus in it.

and lastly… i can’t stand my cynicism and disgust for it all… i wish i had more grace or something but truly, it all just makes me sick. i think Jesus and His Father are just so much bigger and better than it all….

{this won’t be the last post on this}



8 Responses to “how to turn me off {part one}”

  1. joy

    I feel you on most of this stuff…..its funny how closely we are aligned in Christ across the ocean from each other:)

    I doubly agree with you though on the last point. I just wish I had more grace for people! We are all broken, and do things that annoy other people (like I’m sure its annoying to people who go to youth alive rallies that there are people out there who look down on them) (I don’t even know what youth alive is, but I can imagine!!) I just pray for the mind of Christ every day, for the ability to see others as Christ did, and not how I view people!

    Love to read your opinions about this stuff!

  2. djp72 

    thanks joy!
    one day we will sit and talk of all these things in person!!!

  3. jon

    what she said

    Christ is found in simplicity.

    just living

    just living in Him

    we got too many “things” built up around us to distract us from simply being transparent with one another, and following Jesus.

  4. jon

    dangit man the link was removed by the user! (“american christians only concerned with themselves”)

    inquiring minds want to know what the deal is!

  5. djp72

    hey jon,
    i fixed the link – now i’ve probably gone to broad a brushstroke with that new link!

    and your statement about simplicity is truth.

    now i know why they call you smart brother.

  6. danf

    I know this is a long shot, but if you’re ever in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, you would feel quite at home at my church, Church on the Move. Our pastor does use the KJV primarily, but only because he prefers it. If it is more clear in another translation, he will use it. Although you may occasionally see people there wearing t-shirts saying, “Seven days without prayer makes one weak,” there is a surprisingly low number of flaky people there.

    I enjoyed the post, and concur completely!

  7. djp72

    thanks for concurring dan f!

    and your church has a nice website, i’ll check out their podcasts…

3 outa 3! – cooking with gas

with just one day to the big parenting expo, our 4 x BLURB books arrived today! whew! they look fantastic too. and as always proper review coming soon.

so now we pretty much have everything we wanted for the expo-
the list includes:
1 x 1500mm {5 foot} wide stretched canvas print over a deep frame.
1 x 2000mm {6 ½ foot} tall rolling vertical banner stand.
2 x 24inch iMac’s to display images on.
1 x 20×30inch qoop poster of 100 square tiles of images {mounted}
6 x 20×15 inch prints mounted
qoop mini books
qoop medium books
big qoop book
3 sets of qoop 2inch stickers
qoop keyrings
2 sets moo note cards
1 7×7 inch soft cover blurb book
1 7×7 inch hard cover blurb book
1 8×10 inch soft cover blurb book
1 8×10 inch hard cover blurb book
3D prints in frames
new business cards.
new folding business cards x 2
DL postcards with our new promo
“you’ve just been shot” business cards.
plus 2 new trestle tables and 2 hand made {thanks mum} velour table cloths…

whoo hooo.

also our wonderful friend Kristy DeLaney is flying up from Sydney tomorrow to help us out.

praise the Maker.

8 days…

it’s been 8 days since i ate anything. so i have gone past the longest i have fasted in the past…. which i think was back in 1991 when i was at bible college. i am pretty sure i fasted for about 7 days back then.
i am doing fine, i drink heaps of water and have a glass of juice or two a day. so far i haven’t had any headaches at all, or any weakness, but then again i have plenty of fat stored…

it changes your perspective on food, it’s not that i don’t desire it, it’s just that the desire is being channelled into desire the BEST things, desiring to be righteous i guess….

i’ll keep ya posted.


fast – verb [ intrans. ] abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, esp. as a religious observance. noun an act or period of fasting

ORIGIN Old English fæstan (verb); related to Old Norse fasta, the source of the noun.

i don’t know what you all think about “fasting” in relation to your spiritual life. it is something i have done now and then, i remember back when i was in bible college i fasted for 7 days, i think i was praying and asking God to show me what to do with a girl i was infatuated with. since then i have fasted a day here and there, i have fasted from meals, usually when asking Father for direction or asking Him to help some loved one. it’s not like i am an expert or anything- far far from it- i just see that it is something that i read about in the Bible and history, and i think it is very valuable. i also think that in the western world we almost worship food. western christianity has a love affair with eating and filling their bellies. {i am in that bunch too} i’ve seen a few times the issue of fasting come up in different studies, discussions, whatever and i always get “irked” when people just flat out say “no, i don’t do that”… or: “i tried that and i just had to eat” man… that is the point, you deprive yourself of food so you can use that time/energy/focus/desire in drawing closer to Father. another “irk” is when christians {usually fat ones, and again, i am in that bunch} really try to make out that fasting is not for now, i mean it might have been called for back in the old times, but we live in the good times for the church, you know in Luke 5: They said to Jesus, “John’s disciples often fast and pray, and so do the disciples of the Pharisees, but yours go on eating and drinking..”


i am fasting. it is day 3 today. i last had something to eat on wednesday 22nd november. i don’t know how long i’ll go for, as long as i feel the need to.

one last funny irksome thing: people treating fasting like some magic wish thing. for example i might tell someone that you’re fasting and they go “oh, you shouldn’t tell everyone, it should be a secret thing” why? “um… so… you know… you do it for the right reasons”… hmmmmmmmmm… i think what they are really thinking of birthday wishes or something… “don’t tell anyone, if you tell someone what you wish for it won’t come true…”

why am i fasting? direction, decisions, getting ready for 2007.

i’ll let you know how i go, feel free to offer advice and thoughts in the comments or email me.