after we finished breakfast this morning Judah {22 months old} decided to get up onto the table and dance to the music… i grabbed the flip and we created this… Music: Death Cab For Cutie “Long Division”

about seven minutes of my three boys from this morning. this is me letting the flip video roll as i shoot some photographs of the three of them as the B.o.B album plays on {dang that junk is catchy}

Saturday 30th January 2010 – {6:30am} Jolane is up at our place working on some website stuff etc… he has decided to sleep in the backyard in his swag…. the boys love it.

saturday 23rd January 2010 – galvin, zack, danae & drummond back in the olden days we used to record cassette tapes for our cousins etc, now the kids make videos for facebook etc… classic. this is to their two cousins down in Melbourne.

2010 JAN 17 Galvin and his speaking at Nanny’s – this is the first time he pronounced his V’s and F’s instead of usually substituting them with a “B” – “my name is GalBin”