the “C.O.G. Weekend” so last thursday night {1st feb 2007} i flew down to melbourne to photograph the pop/rock band Compliments of Gus. they are one of the biggest groups in the modern christian/gospel music scene here in Australia. Justin Michael Gall is a good mate i met back in 1998, he is the lead singer of the […]

last night at dinner {shot from my phone}. from left to right are:Claudio “Wizdm / Wiz” Rodriguez – www.wizdm.comJolane “the mad man” Synott – www.jolane.netSimon “sex symbol” McRae – Wiz is down from sydney for the weekend {he opened for phrase last night at a lttle club} and so we wnet out last night for dinner at […]

dinner in warrawong b & i had a great night – friday 5 may- with hoodsta and his wife tammy, jesta “mikey freedom” and his wife sophia. saw Mission Impossible 3 at the “gala” cinema in warrawong {near wollongong}. then some great pizza & then found a bakery cooking fresh apple danishes and crossaints at […]

we be rocking it nerd stylez

{i am writing this from the centre power mac computer in this picture}

i am still in the FunkLab working hard on this SOK DVD.
we have totally finished editing all the songs for the live DVD {90 minutes of music} and we are amped!!
we are now ingesting the interview footage of the band and are working on colour correcting the project.
Because i am feeling super nerdy at the moment {it must be all the computers here} i am going to copy and paste a couple of Simon’s and i working notes on this project. the first is the DVD’s track listing – this is what you will actually see if you hit the “play all” button on the menu. the second long list is our schedule- this is our strict working schedule. we need to keep on target with a project this massive. we’ve already pushed this project back twice, and now we NEED to get it done!

the SOK DVD Track Order / Chapters:

00: opening credits

01: Psalm 125

02: Psalm 121


04: Psalm 32

05: Scripture: 2 Sam.12:1-12

06: Psalm 14

07: Scripture: 2 Sam.12:13-16

08: Psalm 123

09: Scripture: 2 Sam.12:18-20

10: Psalm 73
{fade to black}

11: Selah No. 1

12: Psalm 93


14:Psalm 148

15: Intro text to 137
16: Psalm 137

17: Psalm 80


19: Psalm 128

20: Psalm 95

21: Psalm 17

22: Intro To 126

23: Psalm 126


25: Psalm 117


extra track:
27: Psalm 130



april 17 monday
interviews edited

april 18 tuesday
interviews edited

april 19 wednesday
interviews edited

april 20 thursday
everything edited.

april 21 friday
Matt & Jayden come in and check all edits/ synch

april 22 saturday

april 23 sunday
colour grading

april 24 monday
colour grading

april 25 tuesday
colour grading

april 26 wednesday
colour grading

april 27 thursday

april 28 friday
Simon away

april 29 saturday
Simon away

april 2 sunday
Simon away

may 1 monday

may 2 tuesday

may 3 wednesday
matthew, simon and djp check it all.

may 4 thursday

may 5 friday

may 6 saturday

may 7 sunday

may 8 monday
we hand it in. finished….


{one of the main reasons i am posting this here is so i can readily get at it from any computer}