spring clean

it’s spring here in the southern hemisphere, and today was the final day for me cleaning out and sorting three years worth of email…

and it is DONE!

i have a few email address’ and today i sorted the rest of djpphotography email account. i got rid of hundreds of old emails and resorted lots of clients folders. now i have a system and i know where everything is and a place where action items are put…

over the last few days i have gotten rid of thousands of old emails, and it feels good!

now i want to keep on top of things so it never get’s out of control again.
the best way to stay on top of it?
reply straight away and then if there is nothing in the original email that i absolutely need, deleted!

the other thing i highly recommend is that if you can use imap for email, store it all on the server, that way if anything happens on the computer… like it crashes etc, then its all there online.

today is a good day, purely because i am so much lighter with email.