serious emac trouble.

the trusty, very well worn & very well used 3 year and 4 month old emac had a serious hissy fit on thursday. so it was back to the repair shop in brisbane on friday, it looked like i was to be computer-less for a while… yikes. not a good position to be in when you try to make a living as a digital photographer…
but then my super sister megan and her husband shane flew in like the super-heros they are and found a local gold coast audio-visual-concert sound place that hired me a brand spankin’ new macbook pro for a few weeks…
unlike the pool floaties i grew up with, this macbook pro can definitely by used as a life saving device.

the emacs mortal enemy….

so this week i’ve been existing online {barely} by the very generous loan from my lovely sister in law kylie while the trusty old emac has been in the “shop” {infinite systems, brisbane} getting serviced. i was convinced that the emac was suffering from a known condition with it’s capaciters, but Jeremy from infinite said that it’s definitely not that, it was most probably the enormous amount of dust that fell out of the machine when he opened it up.
man… 3 years worth of dust, probably most of that was my old skin or something, yech.
so tomorrow i’ll go for a cruise back up to brisbane and pick up the old beauty. i’m trying to gather some information on “flexi-renting” / leasing / “rent-smarting” etc, i’m thinking that that might be the way to go for the next machine we get. – the imac…
so if you have any information on that – let us know!


note – it wasn’t dust, it was the capacitors, infinite computing / next byte suck so bad.