Hello Again WordPress.

and i’m back.

i have had this blog here on wordpress dot com forever and i have always just used it as a dumping / test / lab. for example if there is a IFTTT or another service that lets me push stuff to a wordpress blog automatically, cool, i will just plug it in here and NEVER check anything! seriously.

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the blog redesign – at last!

well, it’s taken way too long… but the blog is back and all new!

now you can glance down to the blog’s footer for this information but i just have to say a MASSIVE thank you to:

the amazing and generous Pat Loughery for helping with the overhaul. Pat’s insightful and rewarding blog is at www.patloughery.com and you can follow him on twitter: twitter.com/patl

the inspiring and creative Todd Hiestand for creating a great wordpress theme and then giving it away for free. Todd’s blog is  at www.toddhiestand.com and his twitter: twitter.com/toddhiestand

the entire wordpress universe. what an amazing, enabling platform & resource!

YOU! thanks for being patient while this blog became a catalogue of all my twitter tweets! That “feature” is now turned off. so be don’t be afraid to subscribe to the blog, because there is some actual writing coming soon, not to mention the podcast is going to roll out, newly overhauled as well. some great interviews coming on the dj paine show so stick around.

sorry for the quietness….

no podcast / djp show for awhile… sorry
and not much blogging either…. sorry
even my twittering is sparse… sorry

a bunch of factors have conspired together to create this scenario. and all will be explained. soon. i promise. in both written and audio form. soon.

thanks for being my friend….

my sidebar badges/widgets the last word.

i collect those widgets and badges like a geek i know.

for a while i was using a really nice service called Widget Box.
the idea is simple- it’s online directory of widgets for blogs and myspace etc…
you sign up – it creats a code and a user interface where you can “easily” drag and drop any widgets you want… it’s well designed, got a nice ajaxy style sassy design.
the guys who run it are on the ball too,
but i started wanting more control… plus it crashed my browser a couple of times.
i might start using them again soon depends…

anyway, there ya go, my 8 widget/badges/bling for my blog..

i just had the idea that i should put them all on my underused and much hated myspace page.. hmmm…

anyway, let’s see what happens to them all this yea

my sidebar badges/widgets part eight: my chingo / moba talk

this last widget thingy is one of my favourites.
from “My Chingo
which is part of a company called Moba Talk– and i think the name will probably change soon too…
this is what My Chingo says about it’s self on it’s home page:
“”Chingo” refers to “Chat Lingo”
Audio Comments – Web-based Voicemail
So, how’s it work?
There are two ways which you can use it. As a public system, or keep it private.
As a public system: When you receive a new audio message with optional text comments, it gets added to your player and it is also distributed within an RSS Feed for all to hear and read! Nothing to install.
As a private system: When you receive a new audio message with optional text comments, it is added to your member account for you to review, download, or mark as public. “

does that make any sense?
it’s really cool when people get into it… but alas, i have no one reading this so…

it isn’t the most attractively designed widget, and it isn’t really customizable, but it works well.

sign up here:
get your widget – my chingo player – here.

my sidebar badges/widgets part six: RapLeaf

heard about rapleaf on michael arrington’s techcrunch blog.
here is what they are about from their homepage:
What’s Rapleaf?
Rapleaf is a portable ratings system for commerce. You can look people up before you buy or sell, and rate them afterwards.
Rate people and they will be encouraged to rate you back. Before long, your Rapleaf profile will reveal you for the honest person that you are. After all, it is more profitable to be ethical.

it was something i did on a whim, and i accidently sent out a rapleaf invite to EVERYONE in my address book! and i couldn’t believe it because i ended up with a massive amount of kind people saying nice things about me.
my favourite responce is from my good old mate katie avery {nee stamkos}:
“What is this???” by: kstamkos (1)

i think that the concept of rapleaf is brilliant, it’s just hard to get it accepted by a broad amount of people/popular sites…
my rapleaf page:
you can sign up here:
get your badge here:

my sidebar badges/widgets part four: Spot DJ

ok, the next one down on my sidebar is for the BRILLIANT spotDJ.
this is the spot dj idea from their “about” section:
“SpotDJ enables people to record and share audio commentary about music through media players such as iTunes, bringing context and community to your music experience.”

basically it’s like this: iTunes is the friggin’ bomb. it is a music lovers ultimate app.
BUT… there is one thing we miss from the world of radio…
let me ask you a question: what is the BEST thing about radio?
think of your favourite radio listening periods of your life- what was the best about it??
THE DJ! a great dj giving you the KNOWLDGE, or just being themselves…
well in my opinion Spot DJ brings the best of radio to iTunes.
it’s awesome.
here is my spotDJ page.
and here is all the “spots” i’ve recorded so far…

so all music lovers sign up now!
and then get your badge/widget/bling here.


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