Stories VS Stories

Hmmmmm…. It looks like it is the new war of the #stories – Snapchat vs Instagram – where will you put your stories? The Facebook machine is an all consuming behemoth that clones the most popular features of other apps to keep everyone on their platform. The Snapchat machine is a creepy dirty frat house […]


OK GANG – MONDAY APRIL 18th 2016 in Adelaide South Australia the mighty ATKINS photo lab {the oldest lab in Australia and the best lab in the world} is putting on a one day class about shooting with film for professional photographers – run by two working pros who shoot film for weddings: 
Mark Dohring from Bentinmarcs Photography and
Dan Wooldridge from Eon Images.

I am going and i want you to go too. Flights are cheap to go for the day. Adelaide is rad to hang out in for the night. If you come over – we will go out for dinner together and grab an authentic hamburger.

If you in the AIPP you get in for cheaper – and if you mention to the Atkins team that you are a listener of the podcasts, you might just get a discount too.

Stop faffing about, book the tickets and come over and do a great class with great people in a great lab in a great city. I’ll be there and give you a high five.

SUPERNATURAL – the journey begins.

OK – so i’ve waited a decade to finally start on this TV Show. I have always known that it would be something the 16 year old me would have loved – problem was it launched in my 30′s when i was busy building family, moving states and building businesses….
Now i’m 43 and it’s a new year and i feel like starting something i’ve always wanted to do…. something the X-file loving “Strange Stories, Amazing Facts” reading, “Mysteries of the Unexplained” studying, Chick Tract collecting and horror movie watching teenager i was {still am down deep?} would have LOVED.
So let the bells ring: DJ Paine has begun the Supernatural TV Series.