Remember Pownce?

let me take you back to 2007 / 2008 – the wild days of the internet – web 2.0 was all the rage! Kevin Rose and Digg and Flickr and Revision3 and Diggnation and TWIT and all that wild stuff. Twitter was new and here came POWNCE – still officially my all time favourite social media network. It blazed in glory for a hot 6 months before it was sold and shut down. Still really makes me sad.

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Stories VS Stories

Hmmmmm…. It looks like it is the new war of the #stories – Snapchat vs Instagram – where will you put your stories? The Facebook machine is an all consuming behemoth that clones the most popular features of other apps to keep everyone on their platform. The Snapchat machine is a creepy dirty frat house […]

in love with: part three: spaz

all righty then!
next on my love fest -which is 2008- is the politically incorrect named “SPAZ”.
download and read all about SPAZ here.
Spaz was made by this dude {funkatron}.

the skinny:
this is a desktop twitter app that runs on the new adobe “AIR” platform that all those programming nerdy kids are writing about.
now my previous experience with this “AIR” platform {pownce’s desktop thingy} was horrendous, i hated it. it crashed all the time and disappeared – blech – so i didn’t have high hopes. but i had to get my twitter groove on with my imac’s desktop because i had grown cold with twitterific’s new ads and clunky performance. so what the heck, i tried it out…

at first i had some issue with adobe and AIR, download the old one and then the new one and then this and that- that’s gotta be more streamlined! but once i got it all happy;excellent!
it’s now my favourite way to interact with the amazing service that is twitter.

i’ll go through some screen shots of the app and explain what i love about it:
ok first off – there are, at present, a few different themes or skins for it, so i’ll show you them too.
here is the main spaz “your timeline” twitter view in their “whitespace” theme, as you can see you’ve got nice big user profile icons and handy links after each twit that allows you to fave the message {star}, direct message the person {envelope} or “@” the person…

this next view is the “replies directed at you” view in the whitespace view {jonmadison loves me}

here’s all the tweets sent by me in the whitespace theme:

now here is the public timeline view, this time in the “spaz-mini” theme – {not a fan of this look}

and here is the main “your timeline” view in the very elegant default “spaz” theme- {one with a very informative veronica belmont message- *rolls eyes*}

here’s all the people following me on twitter {in the default “spaz” view} – can you believe 125 people follow me? no? me neither…. much love to the COREX!

and lastly here is everyone i am following {74 people!?! i didn’t realise it was that many} – once again it’s in the default “spaz” theme {which is the one i’m using now} – much love tojonmadison

ok, have i bored you enough now? good.
go and download it here and send me a shout out. @djpaine
and you can follow along to spaz on twitter too.