About Me & My Work

“i am way more happier than this in real life” – DJ Paine

The short “twitter” bio:
Australian breakfast radio host with 96threeFM, podcaster & photographer. Professional christian music geek & amateur Bible nerd.
Devoted husband of Benita Paine and proud of my boys: the #BrothersPaine

A little bit more about what i do:
an award nominated brekkie radio host.
an award winning crackerjack on new media and culture.
creating unique and popular podcasts since 2005.
featured guest on various podcasts since 2007.
produce a weekly Bible podcast with Dr Matthew Jacoby called Thrive:Deeper.
work closely with christian music artists and bands like Sons Of Korah.
deftly host, MC and compère live events.
ingeniously consult to organisations on new media, culture and creative strategies.
award winning photographer.

“i have a comically large head, those poor glasses are really struggling” – DJ Paine