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G’day! My name is DJ Paine.

Three questions i get all the time:*
a} is your name really DJ Paine?
b} you must get up really early every day?
c} are you really that full on about the Bible and that Jesus stuff?

thanks to Corey Sleap for the photographs.

What i do:
talk on the radio.
host, compère, MC, make dad jokes at live events.
interview people and create podcasts.
consult and brainstorm for groups, businesses, individuals, churches etc.
connect people.
adopt technology and good ideas early.
passionately believe we live in the greatest, most positive time ever.
flagrantly ignore upper and lower case when writing.

Who i am:
my family:
i am married to the incredible Benita and we have three sons;
Drummond 15, Galvin 13 and Judah 11.
they are also known as #TheBrothersPaine.
we live in Geelong, Victoria Australia.
became a Born Again Christian at the age of 7 years old.
spent my life studying the Bible and practical theology.
each weekday morning getting up at 4:44am and doing “The Brekkie Show with DJ”
on the Australia’s largest 100% Christian radio station: 96three FM.
i’ve been an avid listener of podcasts since 2004 and a creator of podcasts since 2005.
i do a weekly show about reading the Bible with Dr Matthew Jacoby called Thrive:Deeper
in 1994 i photographed my first wedding in Lancaster Pennsylvania USA.
in 2018 i photographed my last wedding in Amarillo Texas USA.
in the 23 years between: photographed over 300 weddings, 500 schools and tens of thousands of families & children.
passionate about good music and good movies.
professional christian music geek.
amateur Bible nerd.

Please connect with me here.
You can find our more than you ever wanted to know about me here.

* the answer is yes.


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