Remember Pownce?

let me take you back to 2007 / 2008 – the wild days of the internet – web 2.0 was all the rage! Kevin Rose and Digg and Flickr and Revision3 and Diggnation and TWIT and all that wild stuff. Twitter was new and here came POWNCE – still officially my all time favourite social media network. It blazed in glory for a hot 6 months before it was sold and shut down. Still really makes me sad.

So the reason i am pining away for this long forgotten blip in internet history is twofold;

1} in coming back to and actually deciding to use it i found that i had imported a bunch of old pownce posts and their comments! – i published a few of them on here – links all broken.

But i am also feeling nostalgic for the good old days when it felt like you could do anything. Now in 2019 YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are all in a race to fulfill George Orwell’s 1984 vision first and deleting, banning and censoring like crazy. {let’s hope wordpress stays free and independent}

anyway…. here’s to Pownce.

by the way you can find me on the best messaging platform there is today – – it makes me feel like anything might be possible again…. @djpaine


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