today was the day for good sentiments

check out this trifecta of love i got today… three wonderful gifts to me over three different platforms…

story one: i saw a lovely couple at the studio today about photographing their wedding in January 2012. Their names are Marty & Anna. We had a great two hour chat about life and love and their wedding. After they left Marty the groom to be sent me a sneaky text message: “perfect perfect perfect” says Anna… Just thought you’d like to know"

story two: on this past saturday i photographed a special wedding up north in Peachester in the Glass Mountains / Sunshine Coast. i asked my new friend and great photographer Matilda “Tilly" Breezley to come and second shoot / assist / play with me and the wedding party – we had a good time and she was a pleasure to hang out with… today she sent me this message over email: "I must say, after six years of business and four years shooting weddings, that I have never worked with a more professional photographer. You are relaxed and easy going and your style is classic! It was a privilege to work with you DJ. ”

story three: as you may know i have finally begun to announce that i am doing a 365 photo a day project this year. today in my Facebook inbox i had a personal message from a dear creative lady who i had the pleasure to photograph on her wedding day in Melbourne quite a few years ago. her is what she said: “sometimes you inspire me too much… loved your photo of miss b… and loved the family picnic shot in Jan ‘11… ps. i love the sky too”

i replied a sincere thanks and she replied with: “I just think that I needed to tell you b/c I often look up your multiple websites to cheer me up from time to time…I just find your work so inspirational and I just thought I should let you know…”

ahhhh….. it’s gonna be a good year

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