the first post for 2008

so today is wednesday the 2nd of January 2008…
we are 34 hours into 2008 already.
it’s looking good.

yesterday i did my yearly shave of the head and face-
all that is left on my head is my eyebrows.
my beard/goatee is off, a very rare event.
and whenever i have no hair on my chin my wife, family and friends point and laugh.
they actually point their fingers at my face and laugh out loud.
very encouraging for the old self esteem…

so now i think i’ll go for as long as i can without shaving at all…
i give myself 2 weeks to shave my head of the fuzz.
but i’m thinking of a full beard for a while.

anyone else doing any stupid hair things for the new year?
and i might just post a picture of me with no hair on my head on the old flickr account…. maybe….
then you can have a laugh too.

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