a skype conversation with me and jon about twitter

me: …. i don’t have her notifications turned on because she twitters about CRAP!!!
jon: LOL i know
me: seriously.
jon: i’m interested in her twitters. hah because i know her though
me: about 50% of her twiiters are interesting the other 50% are replies and conversations with ??who knows??
jon: hah that cracks me up when you can’t follow someone else ‘cos they’re replying to someone you dont know!
me: i hate it!! that’s why i try never to do it.
my impression:
@suzy – you are so right!
@billy – no that’s the truth!
@wally – that is the funniest link ever!!!!
@drongo – i can’t believe you just said THAT!
jon: lol exactly but that’s how i’ve found new people….

** names have been changed to protect the stupid.

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