good news bad news good news

so we’ve moved…
we started sleeping here at 9 north street in our beloved old two story “queenslander”on sunday night 19th august. and it’s going great. we love it.
the day before we started sleeping here we got 4 new tires on our station wagon. benita found a great deal at the local Goodyear dealership. 4 new goodyear tyres fitted and wheel balance, with a 6 month check up etc… all for $360. good deal. very happy.
week one – monday august 20th > sunday august 26th 
for the first week we were in here, it really rained all weekseriously. it was crazy- so much rain. on the saturday 25th benita’s parents “papa will & mama dot” arrived here on the coast for a weeks holiday with us. sunday 26th was Galvin’s 1st birthday – we had a great day, even though he slept through most of his party.
week two – monday august 27th > sunday september 2nd 
benita was pretty sick {i think her body went into shut down mode because her mum was here to take over} but we managed to have a great time with the folks- we painted the living room, b, the boys and her folks plus our good friend shelly spence & her son elijah- went toDreamworld on thursday, it was drummond and galvin’s first time… aaahhhh. on friday {which was a public holiday here on the gold coast – for the gc show} they all went up to tambourine mountain for the afternoon…. the in-laws left on saturday 1st september – it was great having them here!
now last week around thursday, i had a flat tire {oh that’s why you talked about the tires…} and i changed the tire and thought nothing of it, then friday i had two flat tires, and then the next day three. talking to one of our neighbors he said that someone kept doing it, and he had gone through six tires! and as some people know, if you have any damage to the wall of your tyre then there is nothing you can do, in australia it’s not legal to fix them. so saturday i was pretty bummed.
today my folks came over and i was able to use their car to take the tyres off mine and fill em back up with air, put them back on and i drove out to the dealer. Nathan and the team there said they would take a look, they were pretty banmboozled. i prayed like crazy that they could fix them cheap or something, money is tight at the moment so i really begged Father that something good would happen….
i gotta phone call a little while later, Nathan said that he and the Goodyear Area Rep had a look and said the tires had all been “staked” and they were ruined… they felt really bad for us, so the rep decided to GIVE US FOUR FREE TYRES – no charge, fitted, balanced, the works.
i nearly cried.
so that made my day, and they now have a costumer for life, and i will recommend them to anyone!
if you are around this way and need tyres. check them out.
needless to say we will be parking under our house from now on.

so there ya go…
our first two weeks in southport! weeeee

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