djp podcast 03: podcast freak

i listen to a lot of podcasts…
how about you?

BELOW is the complete list of ALL podcasts as of 2007-

embarrassing ones included!



shows i subscribe to through iTunes

i listen to a LOT of these new-fangled “podcasts” and sometimes i even watch some of these video ones too. and just for the record, i hate the name “podcast” but worse than that is “netcast” and worst of all is “vodcast”. i just call them shows i subscribe to through iTunes.

anyway i have split this list into three sections:

recommended = a top quality show that i enjoy listening to.

currently in my itunes = subscribed to and listened to.

i used to get = for one of the following reasons these shows are not listened to anymore:

  • “R.I.P” {Rest In Peace} – the shows are finished.
  • “I.N.Y.I.M” {It’s Not You, It’s Me} – fine shows… i just moved on.
  • “I.Y.D.H.A.N.T.S” {If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say} –


anything that isn’t family friendly, could be because of language, content or the themes… get’s an explicit tag = xtag

last updated July 11th 2008.


A Prairie Home Companion’s News from Lake Wobegon

The Bored Again Christian

Dave’s Lounge


The God Journey

Grace to You


Les Concerts à emporter

LightSource Studio Photography Podcast

Lynchland: The Liam Lynch Podcast

MacBreak Weekly

Media Watch

The Ricky Gervais Podcast xtag

Strong Bad Email

They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast

This American Life

The Totally Rad Show xtag

currently in my itunes:

Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac

Apple Quick Tip of the Week

The Bible Podcast

Chase Jarvis Photography

David Allen Company Podcast

Diggnation xtag

Eclectic Mashup Radio Show

Freelance Radio

Geek Entertainment TV

Grace to You TV

Habanero Hour

History of Photography Podcasts

Indiefeed: Hip-Hop xtag

Jonathan Ross on BBC Radio 2

Jumping Monkeys

MacBreak video

Mahalo Daily

Marketing Geek


Nova 100’s Hughesy & Kate

NPR: all songs considered

NPR: pop culture

Pandora Podcast Series

Photo Geek TV xtag

Photoshop User TV

The Relevant Podcast

the Russell Brown Show

Sesame Street Podcast

Spout Blog >> FilmCouch

This Week In Tech

This Week In Photography

Tooth & Nail Podcast

sphere of hip hop podcast

The Star Wars Action News Podcast

Sunday Night Safran

They Might Be Giants

Web Drifter xtag

you look nice today xtag

i used to get:

R.I.P :

Bjork Podcast

Pixar’s CARS

iLife Zone



The Merlin Show

Mustard Flava

Not Quite Art

Pigeon John Podcast

Podcast 411’s Ricky Gervais

The Scribe of Light

NBC’s Scrubs

Summer Heights High

The Porn Talk

The Web 2.0 Show


you suck at web

43 Folders

I.N.Y.I.M :

Ask A Ninja

Bangers Mash Bootleg

The Bitterest Pill

Blogger & Podcaster Magazine

Buzz Out Loud from CNET

The Candid Frame


Crave on CNET

Delta Park Project | The Big Show

The GigaOm Show

God’s Mac

Jeff Curto’s Camera Position » Podcast

Mac OS Ken

MP3 Insider from CNET

Mr. Manners’ Quick and Dirty Tips for a More Polite Life


NRT New Christian Music PodCast

NYI Photoview Podcast

The Real Deal on CNET

The Sound Of Young America


This Week in Media

Tony Campolo Podcast

NYTimes Techology David Pogue


I.Y.D.H.A.N.T.S :

Aussie Tech Head

Christian Comedy Podcast

Grammar Girl

Mashable Conversations

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