it’s taken me 12 hours…
but there is now no “2 be sorted” folders in my mail, and there is only 1 email i need in my inbox.
i have about 1,000 email address- most of them go to the my d -at- djp72 -dot- net address.
on my mac i have the brilliant “mail” app and i have 7 email accounts set up in that. {including benita’s}
each email address has it’s own main in-tray and then under that i have literally dozens and dozens of folders and sub folders under 4 of the 7 email accounts.
i mean i think i’d have at least 200 or more folders and sub folders in mail.
for example i have my email there and i have a folder called clients and under that i have wedding and then i have sub folder for each wedding client i’ve done in the last 3 years or so…

    lots of folders.

all running IMAP, so it’s not on my actual machine…

what a day!

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