this is a massive group email i just sent out to 100’s of people…

sorry for the funny spacing and line breaks below…


hope this email finds you and yours well and having a good week.
this is just a note to touch base with you and let you know what we are up to.
it may not be totally co-herent, it may be more than a little bit cut and paste,
but i want to just get this long overdue email out to you.

yes, we have moved north to the Gold Coast.
we left Victoria back in August 2005 and drove the 2000 k’s {1,300 miles for all you americans}
and have been “settling down” since then.

there’s been a LOT of trips back and forth between the Gold Coast & Melbourne since.
there’s also been a lot of plans and plans changing too.
i was going to be going back over to the USA {finally}, but that is back on hold till 2007,
when we will all {the whole paine troop} be going over.

tomorrow {sunday 26th march} night we fly back down to spend two months
in Geelong, Victoria. i have a contract with a school photography studio down there.
plus i am producing an amazing live DVD for the band “Sons Of Korah”
me and my great friend Simon McRae from the Funklab { } are editing it now,
i’ll let you all know when it’s out {in may}…
and we are enjoying spending time with all the family and friends down south.

this month {march 2006} has seen benita turn 27 {on the 5th} and me turn 34 {on the 18th}.
drummond turned 2 on new year’s eve and he is such a wonderful gift.
we had a great “present” on drum’s birthday; we are expecting baby number 2.
the due date is September 3rd this year {der} and we are hoping and praying for a little girl.
a “drummette” if you will.

we are loving it up here on the Gold Coast!
here is a couple of videos of us up here:
“the paines january 2006″ =
“painting drummond” =

if you haven’t discovered yet check it out:

also make sure you sign up to the greatest photo website ever:

at the time i right this i have about 8000 pictures online at flickr-
look at a few here:

if you feel like reading more of my ramblings you can always
subscribe to my blog {online journal}

and there are a bunch more links below to surf through…

as far as future plans-
here’s a rough sketch:
april / may – we are all in Geelong/ Melbourne.
june/july/august – back up here on the gold coast – August 4th is our 5 year anniversary!
get cracking building up djp photography
september – have a baby
october – blackstump music festival & 15 year bible college reunion – both in sydney
november / december – building up djp photography
early 2007 – the whole paine family flies to the USA for a two month trip.

if you’ve got some time and want to be challenged in a spiritual way,
check out some friends over at “the God journey”

here is some music to check out:

Sufjan Stevens
Genre: neo folk story telling indie glory.
djp’s review- brilliant beyond compare.
this is drummond’s favourite singer. you must check him out.

The Postal Service
Genre: electronic singer songwriting beauty
djp’s review- so good. electronic beauty.
download a song for yourself and see:

Genre: atmospheric drone.
djp’s review- this is my worship music. atmospheric guitar swooping swirling and droning.
so worth the trouble to buy it.

Lyrics Born
Genre: alternative hip-hop
djp’s review- a fresh and original emcee who’s not afraid to try different things.

Genre: alternative hip-hop
djp’s review- this guy is a just a stinkin’ great rapper. inventive and just plane fun. love it.

i could go on and on.
if you want more- check out the blog-
but please stay in touch.
and when you are in the Gold Coast area- make sure you call us!
below is all the information about us you could ever want.
update you address books etc.

we love you all,
hoping you are following God,
and living in love.

the paine family:
darren “djp”
benita “b”
drummond “drum”

Queensland 4214
djp: 04 34 10 20 72
benita: 0414 GROOVE {0414476683}
aim / iChat:
important dates:
benita: 5th March 79
darren: 18th March 72
drummond: 31st December 03
anniversary: 4th August 01
mustard music:
australia’s christian hip-hop label
your illuminated hip-hop shop
the australian christian hip-hop network

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