DJ Paine’s JESUS CHRIST Primer

Lots of people are talking about #JESUS right now… which is GREAT! I love Jesus! I have devoted my entire life to this person! But please, for your own life’s sake: read about this Jesus fellow for yourself and make up your own mind. Here’s some places to start if you want to do this for yourself:

the earliest depiction of Jesus.
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Remember Pownce?

let me take you back to 2007 / 2008 – the wild days of the internet – web 2.0 was all the rage! Kevin Rose and Digg and Flickr and Revision3 and Diggnation and TWIT and all that wild stuff. Twitter was new and here came POWNCE – still officially my all time favourite social media network. It blazed in glory for a hot 6 months before it was sold and shut down. Still really makes me sad.

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Stories VS Stories

Hmmmmm…. It looks like it is the new war of the #stories – Snapchat vs Instagram – where will you put your stories? The Facebook machine is an all consuming behemoth that clones the most popular features of other apps to keep everyone on their platform. The Snapchat machine is a creepy dirty frat house […]